Elidda used her abilitys and finnaly solved the puzzle of the "Key Card" - A magical portal beween worlds?.

Our adventurers entered the doorway, to descover a huge city deap within what seems to be a cave system.  Here, it also seems, lie the "other" inhabitants of the City of Peacerare.

Who knows what this place is, or where exactly it is.  its dark, damp and looks like a war refuse cave.  Most of the light here is created by tourches and mirrors.  People, however, are living here happly.  There even seems to be economics, and commodity.  and in a corner, where the natural light does seem to shine though, there is a tiny thriving eco-system.

They are a friendly lot, of mixed race, although seem very cautious and equally curious of our new visitors.  They keep looking at our Elidda Burrows, like they know somthing, but quickly look away, or even duck and hide away when they are caught staring.

There is a crudly scribbled shard of wood with the words "Die's Rest & Show Of Hawks" above what seems to be a makeshift hut of wood and rope.  Very lively Singing, belching and punching can be heared from inside.

What will our adventurers do this time?
Why have they even stumbled here anyway?

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lord.lethris replied the topic: #23 6 years 11 months ago
I thought it was just a cave dwelling community..?
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Elidda replied the topic: #22 6 years 11 months ago
well it's certainly an interesting place! very mixed up. we will team together and it will make sense soon