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As our adventurers prepare for the Knights challange, our young Hobbit "handler" got into a tiny spot of bother in the seedy backstabbing tavern of the city.

The Earl's Bounty Hunter has an eye for Elidda.  But intuition and initiative sent Elidda rolling into the shadows to avoid another Paralizing arrow, this time precicely aimed at the neck.

The shadows embraced Elidda, they took her under their wing.  They healed Elidda, and drifted her do the darker District.

She is still not safe from the Bounty Hunter.  He can see through peoples lies.  He can smell the individuals scent.  He is the Master Huntsman, driven by money, driven by power.  Althought whos money and whos power has yet to be decided, or maybe yet to be known.

The Shadows whisper with warm breath into Elidda's ear, the voice is soft in its words, but loud like she was the only person in the room/  it sends a shiver up her spine.

The Shadows ~ "Take this card, use your instincts, use your abilities, you will know what to do.!"

Elidda turns and, for a brief second, sees a masked female before it dissapears back into the shadows.

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lord.lethris replied the topic: #20 6 years 7 months ago
OMG OMG.! Its an old acquaintance, Roué..!!!

"Roué Wild-bards" :)

:huh: Where in our name has see been.!
:blink: And why is she making an appearance now.?