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Our Adventurers find themselves in the domain of Lord Rubrum, An ancient demi-dragon Lord.

Curumo Ishamle Gorthmar was forced to ascend stage 1 before his time has come, by the crushing hand of Lord Rubrum.  But for what purpose?  Has the Ancient Dragon got something up those scaly sleeves of his?

The Alignment of Lord Rubrum has always been a curious one.  Some say he opposed the Dragon Wars and that he slept his way though it in his own sanctuary, some lay clam that he whispered the very thought of dominance and power into Lord Ash's ears and triggered the events leading to the Wars.  There is, however, a small party of us who believe that Lord Rubrum is just as mischievous as Lord Lethris in pushing Man's evolution, and that once, they were best friends.

The party were a bit lost.  The Endeavour was also a bit lost as to where to go.  A shift in the wind sent them to an island, where our Adventurers stand outside a yawning cave entrance.

It looks dark in there...  Dark and damp...  and smelly.