"Role up Role up.!  Get your wares here whilst you can.!  We've got almost everything, from Dragon spit to this other shit - get it whilst its still hot (and by hot I mean not stolen... maybe)"

Our adventureres spent some time in the Rogues traiding post, or be it better known as "The Crying Enclave".  Alsorts of nick~nacks can be sort after here.

they sumbled apon the Merchent and "Max the Alch'", an old but wize man with a twinkile in his eye and a burner in his hand.  He has many wonderous things here in his stall, and our adventurers go crazy for his wares.  However, they are very pricey and Max sets a wager for an IOU, and "installs" a little insurance policy.

The current IOU list is thus:


      • Gloves Of Missile Snearing 
      • Lyre of Building
      • Vacuouns Grimoire
      • Dust of dissaperance
      • Dust of tracelessness
      • horn of collapsing
      • Ioun Stone - Clear Spindle


They had better stick to their "arrangement", Max the Alch isn't one to be toyed with and less forgotten.  His little insurance policys have more than one way of settling a forgotten despute and even a demi-god cannot refuse.  Ah, the beloved binding of choice and conciquence... Max's favorite recipe.

After visiting Max the Alch', our Adventures set off in search of the lucid Dragon.  Quite possable in all the wrong directions...

...or not.  who knows ~ (Narrator *shrugs*)

Meanwhile, somewhere dark, damp and diseased, Curumo Ishamle Gorthmar's Ordo Executioner is helping the Goths bang the disordered's heads together ~ literally.  "what Fun"